Contactless Payment Devices


Contactless Payments – leading the industry the Rtekk way! Advanced, Chic and Savvy.

The payments marketplace is dominated by an array of solutions, adding convenience to spending in a variety of both online and offline space. While most of them are fairly ordinary, Rtekk believes there is a significantly savvier and much more rewarding way to spend and manage your money.

That’s why we have succeeded in developing some of the world’s most unique contactless payment devices, making your everyday spending easier and more secure with a twist of unrivalled style.

We are a team of passionate innovators, with a vision to create the world’s most unique contactless payment devices.

Find your flow with Lucozade

In 2017, under our brand MuchBetter , we partnered with GPS (an emerging payment issuer processor) & DIGISEQ (NFC provisioning company) to support Lucozade Energy in producing a revolutionary paytech bottle that was distributed free at major London train stations and commuter hotspots. Each special bottle included a contactless payment chip preloaded with a credit to pay for one journey on the London Underground.

Team GB gymnast Nile Wilson, Britain’s Got Talent finalists Twist and Pulse and ballet star Alessia Lugoboni all featured in the ad campaign which urged London commuters to ‘Find your flow’ with a free journey using the Lucozade bottles for contactless payment.

CashCuff, in partnership with fashion pioneers DressCode

In 2019, we partnered with Cambridge-based high-tech fashion start-up, DressCode, to launch the world’s first smart shirt. The CashCuff enables contactless payments from the cuff with no extra device required. With a CashCuff shirt from DressCode, customers have one less thing to worry about. They have money available on-demand, no wallet…no phone…no problem. It’s perfect for going about your daily routine safe in the knowledge that you have cash on hand whenever you need it.

The contactless payment module within the shirt is controlled via an online app. This simple user interface allows people to allocate specific amounts of money to the virtual credit card, monitor the usage and switch the chip on/off at will.

Dresscode CEO, Andy Boothman said:  We designed CashCuff for the fashion-conscious high-tech lover, it’s hidden away out of sight, but always there when you want it.

CashCuff has been featured in The Telegraph, The Daily Mail, Metro and The

STISS – The world’s first analogue watch with contactless payment functionality

In 2020, we joined forces with STISS, a Swiss supplier of intelligent watch glasses and DIGISEQ, an NFC provisioning company, to bring to market a stylish steel timepiece, called the MuchBetter Watch.

This MuchBetter Watch is the first watch to seal a payment chip (EMV) and antenna within a watch glass face, to be connected with the MuchBetter Wallet app. With functions like any other contactless payment card, the watch can be utilised for contactless payments once paired to the MuchBetter Wallet app. This sleek and stylish watch can be used on the go, globally, to make payments with a simple tap, wherever the contactless Mastercard® symbol is showcased.

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NB: The payment chips within our devices are issued by PayrNet Limited and supported by Mastercard.